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Life: A Prologue

Elämä: esipuhe

One night, the word ERROR appeared in the night sky.

Liukkonen doesn’t just transcend the horizon of expectations – he moves it to a new place.

‘Are you really saying that you don’t occasionally – at intervals yet to be defined – wake up, start, as if surfacing, with an odd, rubbery taste in your mouth? Doesn’t the room in which you wake up always seem utterly alien, blazingly white, and you scrabble to rise out of the thickened light as if tangled up in the curtains, and you think that the odd taste in your mouth, the taste of salty rubber, has something to do with all this?’

Here’s our cast: Henri Classic, whose job it is to design a new kind of cinema; Samuel Classic, who frets over his failure to experience the age of the Aztecs; Silvia Classic, who writes children’s books full of coprophilia and parochial politics; Nikolei Bidé, who enjoys nationwide celebrity as a chef making insect-based dishes; Olof Beskow, who creates oppressive adverts for dildos that fail to satisfy. And many, many others.

They share the centre point of their orbits: an overarching project which aims to make life, and all it contains, three-dimensional. Do you feel that you’re being observed? No wonder.

Miki Liukkonen (b. 1989) made his international breakthrough with his 2017 literary tour de force, O, an encyclopaedic narrative of ordinary people and extraordinary events. The French translation of O had a phenomenal reception in France with the literary critics of Le Monde praising the ambitious novel as ’an erudite labyrinth, an immensely charismatic beast of a book’. Life: A Prologue is also published in a limited ’Author’s Cut’ edition of 1119 pages.


Finnish Edition Sample English Translation due in November 2021