Maritta Lintunen
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318 pages

Locoweed Ranch


-   Maritta Lintunen
A novel about the mysteries of the human mind from a virtuoso of the short story


After drifting around the world for years, forty-year-old Sara Järä opens the front door to her Helsinki home. A couple of hours later, she is sitting in her grandfather’s car, being driven through a snowstorm in the dark, headed into the unknown.

A school in a dying village is becoming a refuge for people who find themselves beyond the scope of the psychiatric care system. Locoweed is being grown in the basement. Sara is forced to reflect on what it means to be a person for whom reality does not suffice.

Locoweed Ranch is a novel about refusing to fit in, about societal pressures, about originality. It is a novel about love, frailty, and the power of the imagination.


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