Nadja Sarell
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32 pages, 3+

Mai’s Horribly Terrible Day

Main kamalan tyhmä päivä

In this vibrant and inventive picture book, little Mai’s emotions come to life through the metaphorical tigers, providing children with a tangible representation of their own feelings.

As Mai wakes up to a rainy day, her plan to wear her new, pretty coat is shattered. Mai knows she will be made to don rain gear instead. At breakfast, Mai doesn’t feel like eating. There is an untamed tiger growling in her belly and Mai thinks it best not to feed it. Even her parents seem to be growling at each other.

Upon arriving at kindergarten, Mai discovers her best friend is absent, leaving her feeling adrift as all others have paired-up already. The metaphorical tigers within her wrestle, mirroring her inner turmoil. After lunch, the emotional tigers awaken once more…

However, Mai’s horribly terrible day takes an unexpected turn when Mai’s mother surprises her by picking her up early. Mai spends a happy evening with her parents – and remarkably, Mai’s tigers start to resemble ordinary cats — signalling another shift in her emotions.

Through its delightful and creative storytelling, ’Mai’s Horribly Terrible Day’ opens the door for discussions about emotions and the ways to address and express them.


Finnish edition
English translation set in layout