Anne Vasko
Publication date
October 2020
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Mur and the Raindrop

Pisara kuonolla Mur

Is it possible to be far away and close by at the same time?

Is it possible to be both near by and far away at the same time? Mur knows one thing for sure: it’s definitely possible to be far away.

When a single raindrop falls onto Mur’s snout, the lovely cub is inspired to imagine the most wonderful things.

In Mur and the Raindrop, our favourite little bear cub’s story continues. In this new title, the fourth in the series, Mur ponders togetherness and being apart. She wonders how the raindrop that falls onto her snout can possibly be made of water when the sea is so far away. How can both the raindrop and the sea be made of the same material? Can we be close together, yet simultaneously far apart?

Mur encourages young readers to consider life’s big, philosophical ques-tions by looking at the smaller things that can be found closer to home.

Kaisa Happonen conveys her wise, philosophical musings to the reader emphatically and playfully, using repetition and the simple, poetic language that she has become known for. Anne Vasko’s gorgeous illustrations complete Happonen’s sweet stories.


40 pages, 202 x 267 mm
Age 3+

Rights sold

Armenian (Paradigma Foundation)
Polish (Widnokrąg)