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38 pages Size: 154 mm x 217 mm

Open Wide, Hilda!

Suu auki, Hulda, pottusammakko tulee!

Jack tries to serve a meal to his reluctant daughter. And in no time, the readers have a good laugh!

It’s Hilda and Jack’s dinner time. Hilda does not like carrots, Jack decides to try with potatoes. The potato jumps on to the trampoline… and bounces on to the pirate ship…and then… in it goes! In Jack’s mouth.

Markus Majaluoma’s hilarious works present everyday life in a new and fresh light by changing perspectives.


Praise for the work:

“Certains montages, comme le ‘Patat’Omatic’, sont dignes des dessins animés de Wallace et Gromit par l’ingéniosité des assemblages. Bref, on s’amuse énormément dans ces petits albums qui dédramatisent les situations quotidiennes”. – Le Soir (Belgium) 20.1.2012


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