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August 2023
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400 pages

Operation Arctic Fox

Operaatio Napakettu

Book 3 in the ’The Fox’ series. A #1 bestseller in Finland.

Lt. Riina Koivu returns in a nail-biting new thriller set in the frozen wastes of Finnish Lapland and Svalbard as Russia seeks to secure its northern hegemony that demands Finland must once again fight fire with fire.

The Finnish Army Special Forces are on a winter reconnaissance exercise in northern Lapland near the Norwegian-Russian border. The situation becomes explosive when Staff Sergeant Joni Koivu and his combat partner spot suspicious intelligence activity on Finnish territory. Finland and Norway decide to respond to the aggression with a swift joint operation and Joni finds himself in the middle of another military conflict started by Russia.

As the global political situation changes, China sees an opportunity to strengthen its global position by conducting secret tests at the North Pole on its new submarine designed for Arctic operations.

As part of her work at The Finnish Security Intelligence Service as a geopolitical expert on the Arctic, Lt. Riina Koivu works goes on a work trip Svalbard to familiarise herself with the Russian research centre there. But why do Wagner mercenaries appear to be hanging around the Russian mine and research centre? What is Russia really up to?

OPERATION ARCTIC FOX is the third instalment in the acclaimed standalone series about power struggles between the geopolitical superpowers, with Finland being drawn into the fray. Immonen focuses on the military operations that involve ordinary reservists, well-known politicians, and professional soldiers, lending a grounded and realistic feel to her plots that are all too topical today. A must-read thriller for fans of Anna Tell or Grethe Boe.


Finnish Edition
Author Letter

Prizes & nominations

2023, nominated for the Adlibris crime novel of the year award

Praise for the ‘Riina Koivu’ series

‘…a flowing thriller that neither belittles, idealizes nor romanticizes violence and war.’ — Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

‘Immonen’s second thriller exudes skilfull pacing and her expertise in military affairs.’ — Kansan Uutiset newspaper