Timo Parvela
Pasi Pitkänen
Publication date
May 2021
Format info
104 pp., 7+

Pete and the Alaskan Treasure

A glittering treasure hunt through the Alaskan wilderness!

Pete’s uncle jovially invites Pete and Senja (and Pete’s dog Totti, of course) to join him on his Alaskan holiday. After all, the children are seasoned travellers so it should be a fun trip for them all.

In the legendary Klondike, they hear about the world’s biggest gold nugget, apparently still buried somewhere in the wilderness along the river. Understandably this troupe is simply unable resist its pull. Once they real-ise someone else is also after the treasure, a race with unpredictable consequences begins and turns their holiday into a full-blown adventure!

The bestselling author Timo Parvela gives old myths a fresh spin in Pete books as he expertly guides Pete and his friends through the most thrilling, yet hilarious, adventures!



104 pp
Black and white illustrations
Age: 7+


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