Anja Snellman
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Otava Publishing Company
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416 pages

Safari Club

Safari Club

“My name is Darwin,” the man says, and he offers to pay lavishly for the night. Helena decides to follow him on a whim, reluctant to ruin a perfect prank at a perfectly wild bachelorette party. The girls had picked out their outfits at a sex shop, and each had also picked a new name for the night. “My name is Nana,” Helena had introduced herself.

Twenty years later, Helena has landed her dream job as a veterinarian at the zoo. A happily married mother of two, she has pushed her troublesome memories into the depths: when someone hits you underwater, she reasons, it hurts only if you surface. Then one day she hears a the voice of the new director of the Museum of Natural History—a voice that is chillingly familiar. Darwin is back, this time with a mission: together with his scientific association, Testos, he seeks to end the oppression and mockery of men and to restore their genetically ordained leadership.

Darwin recognizes Nana, and evil slithers into her life. Animals escape and disappear, and wild rumors surround the suspect vet, until a new trainee, a fearless animal activist, decides to take matters into her own hands.

An incisive literary thriller, Safari Club examines the consequences of explaining and erasing emotions, memories, and entire histories with fashionable biology.


Previously published in

Czech (Metafora)
German (btb / Random House)
Swedish (Norstedt)