Timo Mänttäri
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Spy Dad

Isä vaihtaa vapaalle

A Finlandia Prize nominee! 

Puolukka’s dad decides to take a break from work to spend more time with his daughter. However, being a secret agent means that taking time off is not as simple as closing the office door. His work pressures follow them to their holiday, and Puolukka and her Dad frantically try to outrun them. But where can they run to? Especially since Dad’s credit card has been cancelled and their car has blown up?

Rights sold

English (Pikku Publishing)

Praise for the work

“This is a picture book infused with wry humour which lends itself to both realistic and fanciful readings.” Books from Finland

“The story is free from clichés about gender roles and will entertain boys and girls alike. Timo Mänttäri, making his debut as a children’s book illustrator here, depicts fast-paced, dangerous situations and amusing details. The comic book-style narrative and large, double-page illustrations create suspense in this zippy story. The words and pictures are seamlessly integrated, and the not-overlong text is balanced by the exceptionally strong, expressive visuals.” Books from Finland

Prizes and nominations

2013, shortlisted for the Finlandia Prize for the Best C&YA Title