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The Summer Storm


The Finlandia Prize winner’s piercing novel about the end of innocence.

Deception, murder, and cruel love games. Extravagant chandeliers, expensive aircrafts, cello sonatas, and delicious pastries. The Summer Storm is a tense mystery about exposing the hidden realities of something seemingly perfect.

Andrew has spent all spring observing Josh Roy, the leader of the Soot Wings gang of elite schoolchildren. When a series of coincidences lead Andrew to spend his summer in the glorious villa of the Roy family, he gets a glimpse into a world he doesn’t belong to.

Josh’s sister, the spoilt Penelope Roy, witnessed a murder that shook the whole town, and the people of Summersutton are walking on eggshells around her. But which of Penelope’s truths are lies?

The story of Andrew’s final childhood summer in Summersutton is a tale of innocence and corruption, in which ever stranger puzzles are gradually revealed from beneath a syrupy and glossy exterior.

Siiri Enoranta (b. 1987) won the Finlandia Prize for the Best Children’s/YA Title of the Year in 2018. She has also been nominated for the Runeberg, Topelius and Kuvastaja Prizes and she has been awarded the City of Tampere Literary Prize three times.


Age: 15+


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The Summer Storm is an addictive, sensitive, and imaginative novel from Tampere’s Siiri Enoranta. Although the main characters are young, this book is so much more than a YA novel… As you read the book, you can almost smell the sun-kissed cliffs of late summer, flowers that are already wilting, and the damp scent of the forest’s earth. Enoranta has woven an intricate story. Her language is refreshing and brings the unique world of young people alive for the reader. I wouldn’t change anything about The Summer Storm.” — Stina Alapirtti, Aamulehti newspaper 

“The intensely atmospheric The Summer Storm and its inevitable tragedy is reminiscent of William Golding’s classic The Lord of the Flies, in which fatal events also unfold on two levels. The orderly world of adults serves as a deteriorating facade, behind which the violent jungle of teenage laws prevails. Psychologically insightful, Enoranta demonstrates that even teenagers are capable of rule by the subtle mechanisms of power. In the end, the reader is left to question, who am I, really? Kaleva newspaper

“Setting the story in another world makes it more real: Enoranta writes about something we all somehow recognise, even though the time or place do not actually exist. Nor have they ever.” Warkauden lehti newspaper

“The multidimensionality of The Summer Storm is augmented by Enoranta’s characteristically and skilfully propelled language, which sets a complex pace and develops its own expressions. One of the most interesting authors in Finnish youth literature, Enoranta, who won the Junior Finlandia prize in 2018, writes works that also manage to captivate adult readers.” – Turun Sanomat newspaper

Through her cast of characters faltering between childhood and youth, Enoranta gains delicious access to a kind of innocent cruelty sometimes reminiscent of the siblings in Jean Cocteau’s Les enfants terribles. Enoranta writes beautifully and playfully, with both wisdom and lightness. She creates full worlds with exciting storylines, where the focus is still on the universal, timeless and, for young people, topical themes of love, freedom and self-discovery. In The Summer Storm, the combination of playfulness and seriousness familiar from earlier works has become even brighter. Enoranta is not only one of the finest voices in Finnish youth literature but also an exceptionally interesting author on an international scale.  Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

With her new novel, Siiri Enoranta shows that she is among the best modern writers in Finland. The Summer Storm is an addictive, sensitive and imaginative novel. The main characters are young, but the book is a broader masterpiece than a novel for young adults. Aamulehti newspaper

“In the eye of a summer storm, nothing is what it appears to be (…). The Summer Storm is what you get when you cross the young adult books of John Green with those of Philip Pullman. But Enoranta’s own voice comes through strongly in the text, and the work does not resemble any other novel directed at readers of the same age.” Lyyra Virtanen, Kehrääjä

“A lingering, elegant mystery.” Siniset helmet blog

“[Enoranta is] the most sensitive of Finland’s current YA writers, with a literary style comparable to that of Emmi Itäranta. Enoranta has written both fantasy and realism, but The Summer Storm, with its steampunk and whodunit elements, marks a breakthrough into an entirely new territory.” Siniset helmet blog

“Enoranta’s work is a brilliant foray into new literary territory.” Anniemilia’s blog

“From its beginning to its final sentence, the book maintains a controlled elegance like a piece of classical music.”Siniset helmet blog

“The tension of the narrative is sometimes lingering, as if the reader is drugged by the feeling of idleness emanating from the novel and by its thunderously oppressive atmosphere. (…) The book is rightly classified into two categories: for young people and adults.” Lastenkirjahylly blog