Timo Parvela
Jussi Kaakinen
Publication date
June 2010
Format info
46 pages, Size: 236 mm x 246 mm

Taro at the Center of the Earth

Taro maan ytimessä

The incredible journey of a little boy and a bear to the centre of the earth – also available on iPad!

The journey to the centre of the Earth by a little boy and a bear is a delightfully illustrated story about friendship and incredible bravery that will appeal to all those who are adventurous at heart.

“Is the Earth just a silly ball of sand?” ponders Taro as he digs a hole. The bear doesn’t answer. He is sulking because he wants to dig as well. Suddenly, the spade strikes something rock hard. This calls for a digger and the help of a handy bear to build the digger. Soon the duo are putting on helmets, pressing the start button and zooming into the Earth.

After sand and clay, they reach empty space – and something completely different. Deep within the Earth lives a giant caterpillar who wants to swap nibbling at stones and rocks for a delicious packet of biscuits. So Taro and the bear decide to smuggle the monster caterpillar home to mother’s secret biscuit hiding place. What’s more, they aren’t just any old biscuits: they are biscuits that save the world.

Taro at the Center of the Earth is also available in AppStore!

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