Elena Mady
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The Body Jumper


A Love-Thriller!
She is pretty sure that she is a spirit, a soul – a ghost of a teenage girl who was not supposed to die when she did. She does not remember much about who she was when she was alive – not how she used to look, not even her name. Her consciousness, thoughts, emotions, dreams, and fleeting memories are the only things she has left of who she used to be.
She calls herself a body jumper. Uncompromising and angry, she’d rather stay dead than become someone else and live a life that isn’t her own. With every new host, she loses more of herself, more of her memories. But everything else in her life is real. She has no idea who or what is out there guiding her.
At the heart of The Body Jumper is the confusing relationship between a young woman’s soul and her outward appearance, her longing to be seen for who she really is and loved for the things that matter.

Book I: The Body Jumper (Vaihdokas)
The Body Jumper gets thrown in the life and body of Alex Winter, an orphan who was supposed to have died in the car crash that killed her parents. As Alex, the Body Jumper falls in love with Jake, the one she suspects sees her and could love her. But murder and death surround her, and she has to fight for a chance at life and love. The Body Jumper learns what matters to her and what makes life worth living. In the end, she realizes that the hardest battle is yet to come. If she does not reveal her secret to Jake, she will end up losing him. But she also knows that telling the truth about what she is will get her pulled out from her life as Alex.

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The Body Jumper Series

The Body Jumper Autumn 2015
The Body Hunter Autumn 2016
The Protector Autumn 2017