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September 2020
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The Children of the Deluge

Vedenpaisumuksen lapset

Risto Isomäki’s timely climate fiction novel paints a picture of a terrifying, tsunami ravaged future.

The year is 8,700 BC. Ish, a mermaid-like kaditha, is caught by group of fishermen on the west coast of India. Thankfully Manno Ann takes her in and defends her from the city-men, who’ve heard tales of what it’s like to sleep with a kaditha.

When a tsunami hits their village, Ish and Manno Ann witness extreme devastation: ruined landscapes; collapsed buildings; and even the body of Naga, the omnipotent Sea God. Embarking upon an unlikely love affair, Ish and Manno Ann battle the elements and their enemies knowing that a very different world lies ahead of them.

The year is 2044. In the near future, the earth is rapidly heating up and humans face extinction. Researcher Susan Cheng and journalist Pierre Chamberlain are involved in Operation Ice Wind, a mission to stop Greenland’s ice sheet melting.

When an earthquake hits their research station, the lights go out and the stars get brighter. The whole world changes. Susan and Pierre join a group of scientists trying to counteract the effects of greenhouse gases with a thorium reactor. Could there be something in the aquatic ape theory that Susan keeps talking about? And, more importantly, with just minutes to go can Susan and her team save humanity from extinction?

The Children of the Deluge is an independent sequel to The Sands of Saravasti, winner of the 2005 Tähtivaeltaja Prize.

Masterfully combining deep scientific research and expertise with vivid imaginings of the near future, The Children of the Deluge is a spell-binding novel about a world which has been ravaged by humans.

Risto Isomäki (b. 1961) is a writer, science journalist and leading expert on environmental threats. His science fiction novel The Sands of Sarasvati was nominated for the Finlandia Prize and won the Tähtivaeltaja Prize in 2005. It has been translated into 10 languages. Isomäki is a well-known environmental activist who has published many non-fiction books about environmental responsibility, development corporation, and developing nations. In 2009 Isomäki was awarded the Warelius Prize from the Finnish Association of Non-Fiction Writers.