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The Dark Side of the Sun

Auringon pimeä puoli

I’ll close my eyes so that I can still see you.

The Dark Side of the Sun is a mysterious thriller about a young woman’s journey into her own history that’s filled with surprises. This YA novel, which involves time travel and is set an abandoned mining town, will keep readers on the edge of their seat until the last page.

Emilia lives in an abandoned mining town with her grandfather. The summer room at the back of their garden has been locked for sixteen years – since Emilia was born and her mother died. When Emilia finally manages to break the lock, she finds an incredibly realistic-looking drawing of the old summer cottage – and she’s in the picture too. Emilia starts digging and eventually falls down a hole, which leads her to the mine’s terrible secrets as well as details about her own past. Emilia’s life changes forever when she dives into the black waters of the mine.

The Dark Side of the Sun is a mysterious story about time and memories, which treads the line between sci-fi and the puzzles of the theory of relativity. At the same time, it’s a thrilling adventure and a real thriller.



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“An ambitious and multi-faceted novel that allows readers to travel through time and consider whether thinking about time in a linear fashion is the only possibility. This book deals with the concept of time intelligently, using great imagination and presenting the reader with surprising twists and turns until the very end. This book cleverly merges many different genres: it’s a book about time travel; a coming-of-age story; and a dystopia built upon a utopia. It’s a story about power and totalitarianism as well as the relationship between nature and man.” – Announcement of the Finlandia Junior Prize Jury, 2019

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Nominated for the Finlandia Junior Prize, 2019