Publication date
September 2023
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442 pages, Age: 12+

The Daughters of Fire and Ash

Tulen ja tuhkan tyttäret

A formidable legend awakens to scorch the land, and new heroines arise from the ashes in this thrilling historical young adult adventure set in 16th-century Ireland.

Legend speaks of a dragon deep within the steep cliffed mountain on Lord Erland’s land. When plumes of smoke are seen rising from its heights, Erland grows curious to validate the ancient tale. Young Lady Isibéal excitedly joins her father and his warriors on their quest. Little do they know, their ascent stirs the dragon from its slumber, unleashing a threat that endangers every soul in the land.

The dragon’s wrath swiftly kills all who’ve dared to disturb its peace, par Isibéal who escapes the mountain by sheer luck. The dragon seems insatiable in its vengeance and proceeds to burn all the nearby villages. Fate brings Isibéal together with four other fearless young women, and in the absence of men since most have perished, the girls decide to take charge in their place. Their daring plan is to unite two rival noble families and combine their strength to defeat the dragon. However, navigating the noble courts proves equally perilous as facing the dragon…

In her newest historical adventure, the award-winning Mikama allows the strength of the girls’ friendship and the fierce determination of these young heroines shine bright, in the magnificient glow of the dragon’s fiery wrath.

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