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Tammi Publishers
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554 pages

The Maidens


An irresistible convent story that suck readers into history’s vortex.

Sisters, mirror images of each other, for better or for worse.

The convent town of Naantali, 15th century Finland. The only thing separating Truda and Brita, twin daughters of a family of seers, is the colour of their armbands. Brita, who seeks to be a nun, rejoices in her gifts as a healer, but Truda, betrothed to the mayor’s son, is horrified by the devil that lurks within. Everything changes when the journeyman painter Lukas Danske arrives in Naantali. The church vaults blossom from the touch of his brush, and they’re not the only ones.

The girls are used to sharing everything, but how do you share a lover, or your soul’s darkest secrets, betrayal, blood, and pain?


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Praise for the work

A reboot of the historical novel. – A riveting trip into the past. – Et-lehti

The eagerly awaited novel tells a dramatic tale of the lifelong friendship and rivalry between identical twin sisters in 15th century Naantali. – Yhteishyvä