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The Nettler Revolt


Dharan has always been the one who ends up shouldering all responsibility, the one who leads his comrades to revolution, the one who fixes everything, the reason destruction rains down on the world. Vayu has never really been anyone. They meet in reality, where the sun hasn’t shone in years, the structures of civilization have crumbled, and the ragged Stinger Children sow revolution from the heart of a commandeered amusement park. But they also meet in that other place, where the elm still sends shadows dancing across their naked skin, the paradise where the past is slick with blood.

The Nettler Revolt is a realistic portrayal of the future, a fantasy novel, a hellish dystopia, and a love story of two boys, a secret that scratches away at the borders between eternities.

Prizes and Nominations

Nominee for the Topelius Prize for juvenile fiction
Nominee for the the Kuvastaja Award for Finland’s best fantasy novel
Winner of the City of Tampere literature prize

Praise for The Nettler Revolt

“One of the most interesting Finnish fantasy authors writing now is Siiri Enoranta. Her latest work, the Nettler Revolt, is an idiosyncratic mesh of dystopic sci-fi and fantasy.” – Helsingin Sanomat

“Yet in a good way, the author’s youth crashes through the experience: the ability to think a little differently than earlier generations, the desire to create a slightly different literary world. The turns of phrase are fresh, wise, beautiful, and unique, as is the worldview that colours the entire story.” – Aamulehti

“The blurb on the back cover promises a book that is a “portrayal of the future, a fantasy novel, a hellish dystopia, and a love story,” all in one package. And to the writer’s credit, I have to say that this time this is not false advertising – the Nettler Revolt truly is all of these things. The combination is peculiar, but it works.” – Voima

“Enoranta’s language is breathtakingly dense and, despite the fast-paced action, at times dreamily lyrical. The Nettler Revolt is a dazzling example of the talent with which our Finnish authors paint their works to life using a unique palette, even when picking up foreign trends.” – Onnimanni

“…this is a rare author who has the potential for just about anything when all of the pieces fall into place. And in the Nettler Revolt, they do. I loved it.” –  Kirjamielellä blog

“The Nettler Revolt is an impressive work in any number of ways. When I got to the end, I once more marvelled at that incredible miracle that is an author’s imagination! – – The world of the book is in many aspects perfect, if you can say that about a world that has been broken. The mythological element dovetails effortlessly into the story, and you don’t question it for a second as you read. The story is sad, beautiful, frightening, horrible and everything in between.” – Kirsin kirjanurkka