Publication date
2017 (print) 2022 (digital)
Robustos (print); WSOY (digital)
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513 pages

The Peculiar Life of Josir Jalatva

Josir Jalatvan eriskummallinen elämä

A hedonistic love story by one of Finland’s most acclaimed rising-star writers.

Aurosia, the 5200s. The continent has split into a number of small states, each with their own set of customs, cultures and beliefs. All of them are unified in their belief that God had abandoned them a thousand years ago without a back-ward glance. The only last vestiges of any higher deity are the mysterious vasars, who still hold supernatural powers.

Josir Jalatva is the 23-year old fun-loving hedonist and heir to the Maximissimi circus, who falls in love—and lust—at first sight with 19-year old history student and apprentice clocksmith, Micholei ‘Miho’ Rostus. But their young love is shattered when Miho is cursed by a vasar.

To rescue Miho from the affliction of the vasar’s curse, Josir and a motley crew of his father’s circus performers, tent boys, and Pitir Lonkayevo, a tenacious young journalist, em-bark on an arduous journey as a travelling circus along the unbroken railroad across Aurosia to hunt down the vasar.

Enoranta takes readers on an unforgettable journey into her vivid world of Aurosia, where Josir and Miho’s love is put to the ultimate test. Can love, in fact, conquer all—even if the object of your love is suddenly turned from a lissome young man into an unsightly old crone? Is Miho still Miho in the end? Enoranta masterfully explores themes of love, gender, death, and vengeance in this dazzling novel.


Finnish Edition
English Sample Translation 28 pp
Author Letter


‘Erotically charged and interesting.’  —  Turun Sanomat newspaper

‘…a sparkling, thought-provoking, magical, and erotic novel.’ — Siniset helmet blog