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The Power of Hope

Voimana toivo

A timely and instructive guide to harnessing the power of hope in the face of uncertainty from Maaret Kallio, the Finnish bestselling author of Resolutely Kind.

50,000 copies sold!

As the world around us changes and we adapt to new ways of life, Finland’s most read psychotherapist Maaret Kallio offers empathetic, timely, and practical advice on harnessing the power of hope in the face of adversity.

There’s no point expending energy on things that are outside of our control. Instead, Kallio suggests, we need to reflect on our lives as a whole, lean into the things that give us hope, and actively focus on seeking out the good. We’re more resilient than we think we are.

Combining practical examples with scientific source literature, Kallio’s  distinctively Nordic take on self-care guides readers through everyday situations and equips them with the tools they need to stop striving for perfection and focus only on the things within their control—a highly prescient book in these uncertain times.

The book addresses questions including:

Maaret Kallio (b. 1977) is a leading cognitive analytic psychotherapist, sexual counselling specialist, and mindfulness coach. An NACS-qualified sexual therapist, she is the former chairperson for the Nordic Association of Clinical Sexology as well as an ambassador of World Vision Finland. Since 2012, she has written a column on the topic of firm gentleness for Helsingin Sanomat, Finland’s leading broadsheet. Her debut non-fiction book, Firm Gentleness (Lujasti lempea, WSOY 2016) became an immediate bestseller in Finland, selling almost 60,000 copies to date.


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“This book is very reassuring… it’s good to know that there’s no such thing as a ‘hopeless case’. In her book, Maaret Kallio says something that had never occurred to me before. She warns the reader that her idea may completely revolutionise their way of thinking and, for me, it really did! The idea? We do everything with a goal in mind… Now all you have to do is think about your actions and habits and consider the reasons behind them!” — Maria Tyyster, Anasatakunta newspaper

“Thank you, Maaret Kallio. Your book really gets us thinking about where we draw hope and power from in our lives and how we muster up even more power in order to face the difficulties we face in our lives today.” — Iris Saloranta, Itä Hame newspaper 

“There’s a lot to be said for Kallio’s style of writing… In a clear and practical way, she provides the reader with everyday examples at the beginnings of her chapters.” — Taru Väänänen, Uusimaa newspaper

“It’s hope makes that for a good life, not perfect experiences, says the renowned psychotherapist. And we believe her.” — Kauneus & terveys magazine

“Kallio manages to substantiate her arguments convincingly using both practical examples and source literature. The book even says that there are moments in life where we have to understand hope differently. For example, an incurable disease won’t go away however much we hope it might. In these instances, hope arises from accepting the situation and focussing on the things you actually can influence.” — Hyvä terveys magazine