Maaret Kallio
Publication date
August 2022
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240 pages

The Power of Two

Tunne hyvä suhde

How to Forge a Strong Emotional Connection in Your Relationship

A strong emotional connection is the cornerstone to any secure relationship, posits Finland’s bestselling psychotherapist and couples counselor in her latest book.

“A strong relationship is like a seat belt, embracing you and keeping you in place when you hit bumps in the road”, says Maaret Kallio. In THE POWER OF TWO, she looks at how to recognize a good emotional connection with your partner; how you can deepen the relationship ever closer; and what kind of solutions can be used to repair a broken connection.

An emotional connection with your partner is the most important factor in maintaining a good and safe relationship. With the help of the book, we can learn to understand the state of a relationship, think about your intimacy on an emotional level, and observe the many factors affecting the relationship. Even a good relationship features cracks and fissures, but the ways to detect, deal with and repair them vary greatly from one couple to the next. Relationship skills can be learned both alone and
together with a partner.

THE POWER OF TWO offers many pointers for that. Kallio covers the many facets in understanding relationships, talking about intimacy, sexuality, and safe separation. In a good relationship, there is optimism, disputes to be resolved and a shared vision for the future. The book contains concrete exercises to do both alone and together. And this is not by any means exclusively for romantic couples—it can also apply to platonic friendships in equal measure!

‘The experienced relationship counsellor offers gold nuggets in this book that young people as well as those of retirement age need in their shared realities. Excellent.’ — Jounin kirjablogi, blog


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