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Tammi Publishers
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550 pages

The Seer’s Daughter

Näkijän tytär

A thrilling, romantic debut about medieval Finland

“’Flee, milady! Flee,’ cried Matias, whipping the flanks of Margareeta Stark’s steed. The mare leapt and took off at a wild gallop in the direction it had come. Somewhere there, still impossibly far, stood the stone towers of Teinperi Castle, home and safety.”

13th century Finland. A highwayman assaults Lady Margareeta, and so Eira, a girl with flaming hair, is born. The child’s origins are never mentioned under orders from her grandfather, Ulf Stark, Lord of Teinperis. As the maid grows, it turns out other developments require the utmost discretion. It seems Eira has inherited the maligned gift of seer and shaman from her father.

Christianity and paganism clash in the province of Häme, and no one is safe. Surrounded by peril, Eira’s passionate, wilful heart beats with forbidden love for her kinsman Rikhard. But the man who appears in her dreams is someone wholly different, strange, frightening, belligerent – and irresistible.


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Praise for the work

The story flows and is psychologically credible. It has been set in an exciting period, when the old gods and the new Christianity wage war in men’s hearts. – Helsingin Sanomat

The narration is so believable that it feels like reading about real life in the 1200s. – Ilkka

Kristiina Vuori has wisely approached her topic from the perspective of folklore, and does a masterful job of portraying the work of women. You won’t find a more thorough exploration of the topic elsewhere in our literature. – The author Kaari Utrio, Viva