Anne Vasko
Publication date
October 2021
Format info
136 pages, 148mm x 210mm, Colour‐illustrated throughout, age 3+

The Woodland Night

Mur ja metsän ilta

Shortlisted for the Runeberg Junior Prize 2021
Honorary Diploma ‘Most Beautiful Book of the Year Prize’ 2021

Ten charming and wise bedtime stories featuring forest animals – small stories that are big at heart in their sentiment and meaning.

As daylight gives way to night-time in the woods, a bear cub stops to wonder when exactly does the evening end and the night begin?

In all the book’s ten little stories featuring different forest animals, the focus is on those seemingly small yet all important realisations in life. We meet a Moose who is scared to step out of the woods — right until he eventually plucks up the courage to do so. And the most moving story about the effect that one particular Water Rat has on everyone in the woods. And what becomes of the previously high‐flying kestrel who feels too guilty to fly when others cannot. These ten bedtime stories in a beautiful forest setting are a joyous and meaningful exploration of human emotions and responses to a vast array of situations.

Kaisa Happonen once again manages to convey her wise, philosophical musings to the reader emphatically and playfully. Anne Vasko’s gorgeous illustrations pay homage to nature. Theirs is a glorious collaboration of text and illustrations that leaves room for interpretation and wonder.

Tammi shall publish “a sister” to this book in Autumn 2024 called The Woodland Light (Mur ja metsän valo, Tammi 2024) to feature wondrous new stories and illustrations from the Nordic woodland.

Rights sold

Dutch (De Eenhoorn)
Estonian (Koolibri)
Hungarian (Luther kiadó)
Italian (DeAgostini)
Polish (Widnokrąg)


Finnish edition
English translation of 5 stories, set in lay-out

Prizes, nominations

2021, Nominated for the Runeberg Junior Prize
2021, Honorary diploma from The Finnish Book Art Committee as one of the most beautiful books of the year


‘The Woodland Night – Bedtime Stories for Big and Small’ by Kaisa Happonen and Anne Vasko is an atmospheric collection of stories for readers of all ages. These calm and reflective stories take both the reader and listener to the forest with a bear cub, moose, fox, wolf and other familiar forest animals. Text and illustrations create a unified entity that allows the reader to focus on the essential.  Statement of the Runeberg Prize Jury

‘This collection of gentle, philosophical bedtime stories is a visual delight. The worlds of the eleven stories are depicted with delectable colours and design language. The rhythm of the book and its chapters work convincingly, despite the somewhat cautious cover. The immersive illustrations suck the reader along into Mur’s forest.’  Statement of The Finnish Book Art Committee

‘The collection of short, thoughtful bedtime stories The Woodland Night reflects on the wonders of the forest, the diversity of different beings, and also serves the reader with philosophical thoughts. The illustrations are utterly charming, and the stories provide a wonderful opportunity to calm down and meditate before sleeping.’ – Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

‘The Woodland Night’ is, in my opinion, one of the most soulful children’s books along with Winnie-the-Pooh.’ Ildikó Boldizsár, fairy tale therapist