Oili Kokkonen
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88 pages

Tiltu & Lettu and the Lost Gnomes

Tiltu ja Lettu: Kadoneet puutarhatontut

Hilariously funny stories about two sisters and their knee-high friends, the garden gnomes!

A serial thief is tormenting the neighbourhood! The sisters and Norbert, their grumpy garden gnome, decide to catch the culprit!

Norbert is upset. His friends have disappeared – and just as they’d made plans to bake together! Norbert’s calls go unanswered and he grows increasingly worried. That’s when sisters Tiltu and Lettu hear their neighbours complaining that someone has stolen their garden gnomes! Hilarity ensues when the sisters and Norbert join forces to solve the case of the missing gnomes.

Taru Viikainen (b.1983) teaches Finnish language and literature to high school students. Oili Kokkonen (b.1983) is a professional illustrator and artist.


Tiltu & Lettu and the Garden Gnome, 2017
Tiltu & Lettu and the Seasonal Elves, 2018
Tiltu & Lettu and the Lost Gnomes, 2019


Picture book
Age: 5+


Finnish PDF
English translation


“Her inventive language and warm sense of humour are delightful… I adore this series!” Lue meille äitikulta blog