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Toddlers and Social Interaction

Pienen lapsen sosiaalisuus

Early childhood is one of the most important stages in our lives. The foundations for our future social skills are laid during the all-important first three years.

The day-care services have a big role in children’s social development. But being in a group does not automatically enhance children’s social skills, especially since thrusting children into group situations too early might even hinder their social development.

What experiences are helpful to a child’s development? Is it important for a toddler to be able to hold one’s own? Or cope in a group situation? To be able to solve social problems? What are the expected social skills of three-year-olds and under?

This book is written for parents of young children and for those who work with children. It also gives a starting point for the political discussion on the importance of social development in early childhood and the parameters that should guide all day-care professionals. By providing high level day-care service for children, we invest directly in the well-being of our society and our social equity.