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We’re all blind

Kaikki ovat sokeita

A hospital cleaner who sees and hears everything, but no one notices her. Not even the killer. A gripping hospital thriller with a social conscience.

Janka Vitéz is a 62-year old unassuming hospital cleaner —a cog in the well-oiled clinical wheel of the busy Aboa University Hospital, where she has worked for over twenty years. Janka is part of the invisible army of workers who keep the hospital scrubbed and clean, day in, day out, pushing her cleaner’s cart around like an invisibility cloak. Janka may not stand out from the cohorts of medical scrubs, and her hips keep the score of years of cleaning work, but, when two unrelated patients die in the intensive care unit, a specific smell emitted by their bodies activates her latent synaesthesia and a suspicion she cannot ignore. Janka knows more than her humble job suggests; in a previous life, back in her home country, she was the chief medical examiner for the central police.

But who would believe the cleaner? Janka confides in a friendly nurse, Dani, who also expresses her doubts about their natural causes. As the two begin to expose carefully covered up crimes, their informal investigation brings them ever closer to real danger and Janka’s invisibility comes into its own. But can they find and stop a vengeful killer before they expose themselves to danger?

Patricia G. Bertényi’s series takes readers into the pulsing heart of the intensive care unit where the hippocratic oath provides the perfect cover for a murderer. Imagine Kay Scarpetta transposed with Nita Prose’s The Maid in a hospital setting and you have WE’RE ALL BLIND.


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‘A joy to read. […] A strong and believable plot that is perfectly paced…– Mari Viertola, Turun Sanomat newspaper

Bertényi creates a very believable and likeable protagonist. […] A very accomplished and modern whodunit… – Pertti Avola, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

‘Turku-based intensive care nurse Patricia G. Bertényi’s thriller has a classic plot, but they know how to tell a story with a good hook. A narrative with a mystical power keeps you reading in suspense.’ – Asta Tenhunen, Keskisuomalainen newspaper

Praise for Patricia G. Bertényi:

‘Original’ Kymen Sanomat newspaper

‘Well-observed and witty characters. Vivid and rich in its narrative details.’ – Turun Sanomat newspaper

‘Pegasus Publishers is truly delighted to add Patricia G. Bertényi and her work „WE’RE ALL BLIND“ to its esteemed list.
We are sure that Patricia’s suspense thriller, which captivates the readers from the very first pages, will also find many fans in Estonia.’ – Tiiu Marie Oja, editor, Pegasus Publishers, Estonia