Mira Mallius
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January 2021
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40 pp. Age: 3+

Winter Came That Night

Sinä yönä tuli talvi

A comforting and sensitive picture book addressing a family’s grief after a miscarriage.


Winter Came That Night tells the story of a big brother whose long‐awaited little sibling never makes it home after birth. This beautiful picture book addresses a difficult subject at a child’s level, leaving an impression of comfort at the continuation of life.

The picture book, told from the point of view of the big brother, deals with the death of a baby and explores how grief transforms a family. Mallius’ light and warm illustrations and Isoaro’s sensitive text, in tune with a child’s mindset, do not shy away from grief, but they also show how everyday life goes on.

Both the author and the illustrator have been personally touched by the grief of losing a child. They wanted to make a picture book on the subject, to bring comfort to families, especially children, facing the same situation.

‘In a room of 100 women, 10 to 20 of them will have suffered from miscarriage. Miscarriage remains a taboo subject, despite how common it is. It is important that we adequately support families during this time.’ — Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex/The Guardian

‘Grief does not pass by quickly. The child’s desire to protect his par-ents is highlighted in a heart-breaking scene where the boy gives his mom a ‘pram-alert’ whenever he spots a baby pram nearby during an outing.’ — Lastenkirjahylly Literary Blog


Prizes, nominations

2021, Winner of the Bothnia Prize



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Format, Age

40 pp., 3+


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