Eppu Nuotio
Kristiina Louhi
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32 pp

You Are Beautiful

Sinä olet kaunis

-   Eppu Nuotio

To me, you’re the loveliest of all.

A touching picture book inspired by a classic fairy tale about how everyone is beautiful and precious.

Myrri is playing outside when another child calls her ugly. Myrri heads back indoors and comes up with her own game: Grandad’s bath is the ocean and the armchair is a princess’s throne. When Grandad gets lost in the game, Myrri gets to feel like the most loved and beautiful princess in the world.

Eppu Nuotio’s wise, child-friendly writing is brought to life by Kristiina Louhi’s imaginative illustrations. The book is inspired by a classic French fairy tale ‘Laideronnette, Empress of the Pagodas’.

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’Inspired by a classic fairy tale, Eppu Nuotio’s story speaks beautifully about self-esteem and the strengthening power of love. It is important for everyone to be seen and to be appreciated. – Lastenkirjahylly blog

’Kristiina Louhi creates astonishingly balanced compositions of a number of fascinating objects and uses bright colours pleasing the eye. She likes to portray her protagonists in front of a mirror. Their gaze seems to ponder: is this really me? Louhi often signs her illustrations with exact dates. Illustrating this picure book has taken seven years.’ – Kuvittaja magazine