Hungarian rights sold to Markus Majaluoma’s PIPSA & UNCLE POMPIDOU’S TRAVELLING CIRCUS!

Publisher Koinonia kiadó acquired Hungarian rights to Markus Majaluoma’s picture book PIPSA & UNCLE POMPIDOU’S TRAVELLING CIRCUS (Taiteilijaelämää. Pipsa ja herra Pompidoun kiertävä sirkus, WSOY 2007)!

Pipsa travels to visit her two uncles on the countryside. She has high hopes for her summer holiday, as her uncles have their very own circus and trick dogs! But when she arrives, she discovers that the great artists are also great slackers. Pipsa rolls up her sleeves and tells the artists to pull themselves together. Under Pipsa’s kind guidance, the circus troupe cleans up their camper van, irons their clothes and begins to follow a strict rehearsal schedule.

Markus Majaluoma’s charming story will helps us realise that sometimes the child can be the guiding force, while play, creativity and laziness are allowed – if not essential – in adult life too!