LIFE: A PROLOGUE, THE WOODLAND NIGHT & THE WAR OF THE SQUIRRELS shortlisted for “The most beautiful book of the year 2021”!

We are happy to see 3 books from our catalogue shortlisted for the title ”Most Beautiful Book of the Year”. The winners will be announced in March. Congratulations and fingers crossed, everyone!

THE WOODLAND NIGHT (Mur ja metsän ilta, Tammi 2021) by author Kaisa Happonen and illustrator Anne Vasko. Graphic design by Laura Lyytinen.
THE WAR OF THE SQUIRRELS (Oravien sota, Tammi 2021) by author Riina Katajavuori and illustrator Martin Baltscheit. Graphic design by Martin Baltscheit.
LIFE: A PROLOGUE (Elämä: Esipuhe, WSOY 2021) by Miki Liukkonen. Graphic design by Jussi Karjalainen.