Regular German hb/pb/audio deals since 2007 for the bestselling Ella series by Timo Parvela

The first German deal for our beloved Ella series by Timo Parvela was signed in 2007 with Hanser. And in September 2018 Hanser publishes its 15th Ella book in hardcover!  Dtv, the German paperback publisher, just secured the rights to its 11th and 12th Ella books (Ella ja Sampan urotyöt & Ella ja kadonnut karttakeppi, Tammi) and Igel Records, the audio book publisher of the German Ella books, also bought the audio Rights  to their 15th Ella book (Ella ja kaverit karkaavat koulusta, Tammi). The German children also seem to enjoy decorating their Tonie Boxes (used for listening to Ella audio books) with Ella as we’ve just agreed to a second Ella Tonie-figurine deal too. Ella books are illustrated by Sabine Wilharm in Germany.