SUMMER STORM nominated for the Finlandia C&YA Prize 2020

Siiri Enoranta’s ninth novel Summer Storm has been nominated for Finland’s most prestigious literary accolade, the Finlandia Prize for the Best C&YA Title in 2020. This is Enoranta’s fourth nomination for this most significant 30 000 euro prize which she won with her previous title The Burning Dark (Tuhatkuolevan kirous, WSOY ) in 2018.

‘This novel about pain, longing and rivalry charms with its deft, glorious language. Its world, which combines nostalgia with futurism, allows the reader to contemplate what is hidden behind the apparent, the deception – and justice. The tones of dark and light combine to form a whole, which resembles a summer storm.” – The Finlandia C&YA Prize Jury 2020

The winner is announced 25th November 2020.