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Bonnier Rights Finland3 days ago
Elina Hirvonen interviewed in ETC Tidningen (Sweden) on publication of her novel WHEN TIME RUNS OUT (Kun aika loppuu, WSOY 2015) in Swedish:

"But now I feel that many things are going in the right direction. Where national parliaments fail, private companies and cities start to develop their own climate-savvy alternatives. This gives me hope, and basically I'm an optimist. I strongly believe that humanity as a collective can come to great solutions together".
Bonnier Rights Finland
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Author Katja Kettu will participate in the KAPITTEL Literary Festival in Stavanger, Norway on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th September 2017 as follows:

Saturday at 14:30 READING together with author Hakan Günday (Turkey) in the Stavanger Museum Fuglesalen;
Sunday at 14:00 BOOK TALK with journalist Audun Lindholm in Klasserommet, 3rd Floor.

Katja Kettu is one of Finland's most significant new authors. She made her international breakthrough with her novel THE MIDWIFE (Kätilö, WSOY 2011), which became a bestseller and was turned into a film and published in around 20 languages. The translation JORDMORA by Turid Farbregd (Pax, 2013) got sensationally good critics in Norway and it was awarded the prestigious Kritikprisen for the best translation in 2014. HAWK MOTH (Yöperhonen, WSOY 2015) is Kettu's next novel in Norwegian (NATTSVERMER, Pax 2017), also translated by Turid Farbregd.

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Elina Hirvonen's award-winning, topical novel WHEN TIME RUNS OUT (Kun aika loppuu, WSOY 2015) is published in Swedish today by Leopard Förlag, translated by Mattias Huss.

WHEN TIME RUNS OUT was nominated the Most Imporant Book of 2015 by YLE. It is a novel about a dysfunctional family, the weight of the past, alienation, powerlessness, and the individual determination and responsibility to intervene in life’s chain of events - and about HOPE, which continues to live on even when time seems to have run out.

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State Award for Public Information awarded to Aapo Roselius, Marko Tikka & Oula Silvennoinen for their ground-breaking non-fiction title FASCISM IN FINLAND. THE HERALDS OF THE BLACK DAWN (Suomalaiset fasistit. Mustan sarastuksen airuet, WSOY, 2016). The book has already been published in Estonian, and the Swedish edition will be available soon. Other rights available. Warmest congratulations to the Authors!
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