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Bonnier Rights Finland is a literary agency that sells foreign-language publishing rights to high-quality Finnish fiction, children’s books, YA, and illustrated and narrative non-fiction. Bonnier Rights Finland represents the authors and illustrators who work with the publishers that make up Bonnier Books Finland, a subsidiary of the international media house Bonnier. Bonnier Rights Finland also represents film rights on behalf of selected authors. Our worldwide contacts and broad experience in negotiating and licensing translation rights in different language areas, either directly or through professional subagents, guarantee the authors and their books the best possible publishers abroad. Opening new doors in international publishing is our core activity in paving the way for Finnish authors into new and devoted homes all over the world. Bonnier Rights Finland operated under the name WSOY Foreign Rights until September 2014.
Bonnier Rights Finland
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Dutch rights to the KEPLER62 series (books 1-6) by Timo Parvela and Bjørn Sortland, illustrated by Pasi Pitkänen sold to Clavis Books!

Clavis is one of the leading publishing groups of C&J books in Belgium and The Netherlands and it operates also in the US. Clavis is the home for such translated authors as Tony Ross, Tove Jansson and James Pattersson.
Bonnier Rights Finland
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We're delighted to announce that THREE books published by WSOY & Johnny Kniga were shortlisted for the Torch-Bearer Award on Saturday.

Mikko-Pekka Heikkinen's dynamic, thrilling REINDEER MAFIA (Poromafia, Johnny Kniga 2016):

Emma Puikkonen's effective, gripping THE EUROPEAN DREAMS (Eurooppalaiset unet, WSOY 2016): and

Hanna Weslius' feisty, elegant ALMA! (Alma!, WSOY, 2016):

The Torch-Bearer Award has been awarded since 2012 and it is looking for the best international potential. The winner will be announced on 25th March 2017.
Bonnier Rights Finland
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Portuguese rights to Kati Närhi's Graphic Novel THE SECRETS OF FERN GROVE (Saniaislehdon salaisuudet, WSOY 2010) sold to Avec in Brazil!

This first part of the magnificent trilogy about Agnes, the orphan girl solving mysteries, has also been translated in French and Italian.

Thank you Pasi in Vikings of Brazil for super efficient co-operation :)
Bonnier Rights Finland
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Pekka and Pauls just arrived :)

Timo Parvela's Pete's Fishing Book (Paten kalastuskirja, Tammi 2016) just published in Germany as Pekkas Geheime Aufzeichnungen and Pete's Football Book (Paten jalkapallokirja, Tammi 2015) in Latvia as Pauls spēlē futbolu. Books are illustrated by Pasi Pitkänen.
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Happy News!
Kati Kovács' KAMILEE'S LABYRINTH has been nominated for the Graphic Novel Finlandia Prize!

The jury has presented the following grounds for the nomination: "Absurd scenarios and compositions are Kati Kovács trademark, and Kamilee's Labyrinth continues in this vein. The basic setup of the graphic novel is out of the ordinary, and it is fun to follow the romantic mystery of the story through the eyes of the deaf protagonist. Kamilee's Labyrinth is a timeless, independent and unique graphic novel about family, love and everything in-between."

Congratulations Kati!
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Katja Kettu's magnificent novel HAWK MOTH (Yöperhonen, WSOY 2015) now published in German by Ullstein! The translation is by Dr. Angela Plöger, who also translated THE MIDWIFE (Kätilö, WSOY 2011; WILDAUGE, Galiani 2014 & Ullstein 2015).

Katja Kettu will spend the month of March in Germany, where she will participate in an extensive book tour to promote the new German translation entitled FEUERHERZ.
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