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Translator Maija Mäkinen has been awarded the translation prize of the American-Scandinavian Foundation for her translation of an excerpt of Anja Snellman's GEOGRAPHY OF FEAR (Pelon maantiede, WSOY 1995, published under the name Anja Kauranen) into English. Warmest congratulations!

“The translator has masterfully infused the English with all the confidence, forcefulness, and fluidity demanded by this intriguing and hard-hitting feminist thriller, Geography of Fear, by acclaimed Finnish author Anja Snellman. This is an impressively skillful and bold translation of an unsettling novel that combines elements of philosophy, psychology, and suspense. Only one of Snellman’s many novels has previously been translated into English, but she clearly deserves a much wider audience.” - Statement of the Jury

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Bonnier Rights Finland
Bonnier Rights Finland6 days ago
Estonian rights to Tuire Kaimio's comprehensive guidebook HORSE HANDLING (Hevosen kanssa, WSOY 2004 & 2013) sold to Varrak! This ground-breaking 650-page manual also gives insight to the behaviour of a horse, as well as to the training and handling of one. The photographs are by Minna Tallberg. Tuire Kaimio is a renowned animal trainer and the most respected expert in animal behaviour in Finland.
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Bonnier Rights Finland7 days ago
Mika Waltari's poetic, mysterious, strange, fascinating novella THIS KIND OF THING NEVER HAPPENS (Sellaista ei tapahdu, written in 1939 publ. by WSOY in 1961) published in Spanish by Navona, translated by Luisa Gutiérrez Ruiz!
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A wonderful meeting with Kazuhiko Sasaki, Tommi Kinnunen's Japanese editor who visited us during his winter trip to Helsinki. Kinnunen's WHERE FOUR ROADS MEET (Neljäntienristeys, WSOY 2014 & Shincho-sha 2016) has been praised also in Japan - the readers love especially the way in which women are portrayed in the novel!
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Timo Parvela's Ella-series is already on its 4th title in Latvia! Zvaigzne ABC's edition of "Ella in Lapland", skillfully translated by Ingrida Peldekse, has just been published. Zvaigzne has found the illustrations by Sabine Wilharm from the German Ella-books a perfect fit for their market.
And the German Ella is very happily skipping to school on her home territory too: the German paperback publisher dtv has published 12 Ella books to date, and Hanser is already on their 14th Ella, in hardcover. We especially delight in the fact that in addition to newer Ella books, the early ones keep on selling! dtv just took their 12th edition of "Ella and Friends 1" and the 9th edition of "Ella and Friends 2"! Horray!
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