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Timo Parvela will be discussing on his Ella-books at the Festival Boreales in Caen tonight. There are already seven "Moi & ma super bande" books in French. This super popular series is published in French by Nathan, illustrated by Zelda Zonk and translated by Johanna Kuningas 😊🌸✨
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A magnificent review in Respekt, one of the best Czech weeklies, of Katja Kettu’s HAWK MOTH (Yöperhonen, WSOY 2015) published in Czech as MŮRA by Argo:

„Love and death are close to each other in the novels of the Finnish writer Katja Kettu, as well as wakefulness and delirium, happiness and desolation. They don’t represent two sharply divided extremes. In a gripping stream of the narrative, characterized by vulgarity, exalted sensuality, and straightforward corporality, they pervade each other naturally.

(...) This straightforward literary commentary on the current political situation is smart and decadently grotesque, and thus it evokes the work of Vladimir Sorokin. (...) A moth becomes, in this world of sacrifices and offerings to demons, a symbol of the human soul, which can free itself from the shackles of the body.

(...) The author imprinted all the energy of lust and despair into the language which unites bodily imagery and sharp details of the indifferent nature. (...) A fascinating, albeit simple image of the moth - the desire, feith, and soul fluttering on the verge of extasis and selfdestruction – is a sufficient connector of voices and events.“
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It is such a delight to read these glowing reviews of the UK edition of Jukka Laajarinne and Timo Mänttäri's "uber-cool" picture book SPY DAD (Isä vaihtaa vapaalle, WSOY 2013), published in the UK by the equally cool Pikku Publishing!

SPY DAD is also hailed "Awesome" in Instagram:
"What an awesome book! Spy Dad, in a brilliantly bold comic book style, tells the story of a little girl desperate to spend more time with her dad -- who also happens to be a secret agent! When Dad agrees to quit work and go on a spontaneous holiday with his daughter danger and intrigue are quick on their heels. Will Dad and Olivia avoid disaster? Find out in Spy Dad!"
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Polish ebook of Daniel Katz’s wonderful novel LOT’S DAUGHTERS (Lootin tyttäret, WSOY 1999) just published as Córki Pana Lota by Wolny Tor. It is translated by Justyna Polanowska.

The book is published at Bookrage in a package with Petri Tamminen, Johanna Sinisalo, Raija Siekkinen and Leena Krohn:
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Happy news! LET’S VISIT THE NEIGHBOURS by Riina Katajavuori and Salla Savolainen (Mennään jo naapuriin, Tammi 2017) has been nominated as the Runeberg Junior Prize finalist. The winner will be announced on the birthday of Finland's national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg, 5th February.

This heart-warming picture book takes a peek at the everyday life of multicultural families, sharing their story, customs and home with the readers. The book is an independent sequel to the title Let’s Go Home (Mennään jo kotiin, Tammi 2007).

"Let's Visit the Neighbours shows how each family has their own way of existing, talking, cooking, disbelieving or believing in something. Nonetheless, the families have more common nominators than dividers." - Lukuloikka literary blog

Congratulations Riina and Salla!

#mennäänjonaapuriin #RunebergJuniorPrize
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Check out Miki Liukkonen on Publishers Weekly :)
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