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Bonnier Rights Finland17 hours ago
Niina Junttila's narrative non-fiction work ZERO FRIENDS. Loneliness Among Children and Youth (Kavereita nolla. Lasten ja nuorten yksinäisyys, Tammi 2015) published in Russian by Alpina, translated by Polina Kopylova.

Niina Junttila has studied loneliness in several cross-disciplinary projects at the University of Turku, where she holds the position of an Associate Professor of Educational Psychology.
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Tommi Kinnunen's masterpiece WHERE FOUR ROADS MEET (Neljäntienristeys, WSOY 2014) published today in German by DVA (RandomHouse), masterfully translated by Angela Plöger.

First praise from Germany: "This skilfully constructed novel brings the reader close to the protagonists as human beings, conveys their hopes and dreams - but also their faults. This is already one of the most beautiful books for me in spring 2018!" Markus Felsmann, Buchhandlung: Buchladen Neusser Straße, Köln

“Kinnunen proves his narrative mastery, treating his characters with compassion, briefly introducing them and then handing the threads into other characters’ hands. Yes, a family novel – but definitely not like any other.” - Hellweger Anzeiger (Unna), Ulrich Rubens-Laarmann

WHERE FOUR ROADS MEET has sold 80.000 copies in Finland alone and translation rights have been sold to 20 territories. Kinnunen's second novel THE LIGHT BEHIND THE EYES (Lopotti, WSOY 2016) continues the story. Kinnunen's German fans can be happy - the publishing rights have already been sold to Germany!
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Mika Waltari's travelogue LONELY MAN'S TRAIN (Yksinäisen miehen juna, WSOY 1929) published in Czech by Hejkal, translated by Markéta Hejkalová. This is the first ever full translation of Waltari's travelogue!

Read an excerpt in English by Herbert Lomas:
A German excerpt by Stefan Moster has been published in the Finnische-Deutsche Literaturbeziehungen in 2013.
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Bonnier Rights Finland1 week ago
Arto Paasilinna's gem of a novel THE HOWLING MILLER (Ulvova mylläri, WSOY 1981) published in English by Canongate in their Canons series! The translation is by Will Hobson.
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Bonnier Rights Finland2 weeks ago
Happy International Women's Day!

The members of the Finnish Parliament have today been gifted a copy of the anthology MY PUSSY GALORE (Pimppini on valloillaan, WSOY 2012), edited by Katja Kettu and Krista Petäjäjärvi!

The topic of the essays and short stories published in MY PUSSY GALORE is sexual dominance over women. All writers are prominent Finnish authors and researchers.

A further 100 copies of the anthology have been donated to the upper secondary school in Rovaniemi where the author and editor-in-chief Katja Kettu went to school, and to Naisten linja (“Women’s line”), a phone service where victims of abuse, or women threatened with violence can discuss with trained personnel anonymously, free of charge.

This donation was initiated by Katja Kettu herself, and WSOY provided the books. MY PUSSY GALORE was published in 2012, and now the topic is more actual than ever. #metoo
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How does a Finnish elephant look like? We have two suggestions from France and Italy 😉

Arto Paasilinna's THE FINNISH BOOK OF SNOUTS (Suomalainen kärsäkirja, WSOY 2005) is published in French by Deonël, translated by Anne Colin du Terrail! The Italian translation will soon follow... 🐘🐘
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