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Tommi Kinnunen's WHERE FOUR ROADS MEET (Neljäntienristeys, WSOY 2014) published TODAY in Hungarian by L'Harmattan, translated by Olga Huotari in the publisher's SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE series.

The novel is published with an afterword LYRICAL PHOTOREALISM by András Gerevich: "The key characteristic of Scandinavian realism is naturalism, dominant in Nordic literature since Ibsen - the same applies to novels, plays, and films. Also Strindberg's social realism and Bergman's psychological realism are a part of this tradition, which has served as a good foundation for today's excellent Nordic thrillers and films. Kinnunen's novel is built on the same literary tradition".
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Happy publication day to the English translation of Elina Hirvonen's WHEN TIME RUNS OUT (Kun aika loppuu, WSOY 2015) out today by Manilla, translated by Hildi Hawkins!

The title was voted the Most Important Book of 2015 by YLE Broadcasting Company, and it was awarded the Young Aleksis Prize in 2016 in Finland.

If we lose our hope in a better future, what remains?

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YLE (Finnish Broadcasting Company) selected 100 books published in each year of Finland's 100 years of independence. This selection showcases the enormous changes Finland and the Finns have been through during the past 100 years - they tell us how Finland has become the modern nation it now is and how Finns have become the way they now are.

The Finns cast a vote and the BOOK OF THE CENTURY is THE EGYPTIAN by Mika Waltari (Sinuhe egyptiläinen, WSOY 1945)!

The two runners-up are UNKNOWN SOLDIERS by Väinö Linna (Tuntematon sotilas, WSOY 1954) and UNDER THE NORTH STAR by Väinö Linna (Täällä Pohjantähden alla, WSOY 1959, 1960, 1962).

Mika Waltari's THE EGYPTIAN is regarded a masterpiece and it has received international recognition also with its numerous translations. THE EGYPTIAN became an international bestseller, topping the bestseller lists also in USA and it remained the most sold foreign novel in the US before Umberto Eco's THE NAME OF THE ROSE.

The Book of the Century Prize was awarded on October 18th 2017 in The Cultural Gala of the Century in Turku, celebrating the 100 years of Finnish culture, art and literature. Warmest congratulations!
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We are happy and proud to have Sarah Yang, Managing Director of Bonnier Books China, visit our new offices in Helsinki today. Sarah's been meeting the children's book publishers and editors at WSOY and Tammi and taking a dive in our books! Pictured here with Literary Agent Terhi Isomäki-Blaxall and a volume of stories and poems for children WHO HAS SEEN THE WIND (Kuka on nähnyt tuulen, WSOY 2010), illustrated by Riikka Jäntti, Anne Vasko and Pia Westerholm.
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The Frankfurt Book Fair will open its gates in a couple of minutes. Welcome all to our stand 5 0 A 87 to meet us and to hear about our great books - see you at the fair!
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