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Bonnier Rights Finland is a literary agency that sells foreign-language publishing rights to high-quality Finnish fiction, children’s books, YA, and illustrated and narrative non-fiction. Bonnier Rights Finland represents the authors and illustrators who work with the publishers that make up Bonnier Books Finland, a subsidiary of the international media house Bonnier. Bonnier Rights Finland also represents film rights on behalf of selected authors. Our worldwide contacts and broad experience in negotiating and licensing translation rights in different language areas, either directly or through professional subagents, guarantee the authors and their books the best possible publishers abroad. Opening new doors in international publishing is our core activity in paving the way for Finnish authors into new and devoted homes all over the world. Bonnier Rights Finland operated under the name WSOY Foreign Rights until September 2014.
Bonnier Rights Finland
Bonnier Rights Finland3 days ago
Czech rights to Eeva Kilpi’s marvellous novel Tamara (WSOY 1972) sold to Malá Skála!

Tamara is an experimental erotic novel that depicts the relationship between a sexually active woman and a handicapped man. In Tamara, as in many of Kilpi’s works, the central character is a strong, independent woman. With this first Finnish erotic novel Eeva Kilpi attacks (and not without humour), puritanism, hypocrisy and prejudice, everything that that makes life painful and makes us feel guilty and claims for women the right to emotions and to sexuality.
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Bonnier Rights Finland4 days ago
Simplified Chinese translation of Arto Paasilinna's masterpiece The Year of the Hare just published by CITIC Press!
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Bonnier Rights Finland6 days ago
Book Centre Rudomino of Moscow has just published 100 poems by the praised modern classic Lauri Viita, a working-class writer whose centennial was celebrated in 2016. The book is bilingual with poems in Finnish and Russian and it's translated by Marina Kiyenia-Mäkinen.
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Translator Olga Huotari and Author Hanna Weselius in Budapest, Hungary, during the International Book Festival Budapest. Weselius' Finnish language debut novel ALMA! was awarded the Best Debut of the Year Prize in 2016 and the Torch-Bearer Award for great international potential in 2017 in Finland. Huotari has translated extracts of ALMA! into Hungarian.
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Estonian rights to Elina Hirvonen’s award-winning novel WHEN TIME RUNS OUT (Kun aika loppuu, WSOY 2015) sold to Varrak. Estonian will be the 5th language for this great and significant novel.
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Hanna Weselius, author of the award-winning novel ALMA! will be at the International Book Festival in Budapest today discussing with the theme ”EUROPE THROUGH THE EYES OF WOMEN”. She will also participate to the First Novel Festival on the weekend.

Hanna Weselius won the Torch-Bearer Award earlier this year with her magnificent and praised novel Alma! This is how author Antti Tuomainen, Head of the jury put it:
“It shows, in various different ways, what life is like today, what it is like to be a woman, what it is like to be a person and what kind of world we live in. Alma! has something completely unique that captured me and drew me in. I think it has to do with the writer’s exceptionally strong voice”.
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