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A delightful review of Tapio Koivukari’s Predikarastelpan (Sæmundur, 2017), the Icelandic edition of AWAKE, YE SLEEPERS’ (Unissasaarnaaja, Johnny Kniga 2015) in Morgunblaðið:

"But Awake, Ye Sleepers is not only a book about the postwar Finland, it tells so much more, it is a book about the human nature and the human behavior, how people react to different situations. It tells about innocence and about how some people unscrupulously deprive the others of their innocence. It tells about cunning, survival, ruthlessness and injustice, class differences and abuse of power. It also tells how men can take advantage of younger women and girls, as it is this day, as revealed in the #metoo campaign. But this book is also about love, liking and kindness. It's all about a group of diverse people, it has an interesting personal gallery and humor, too. The brilliant Finnish humor that lies underneath the text.
Tapio Koivukari is a master in not telling too much, but still telling all that is needed. I'm not surprised that he received the Runeberg Prize, the most prestigious Literary award in Finland, in 2016, from Awake, Ye Sleepers." – Kristín Heiða Kristinsdóttir, Morgunblaðið
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KEPLER62-series: four book deal to Korea!

Korean rights to the KEPLER62 series books 3, 4, 5, 6 by Timo Parvela, Bjørn Sortland and Pasi Pitkänen sold to Jaeum & Moeum Publishing.
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Estonian rights to Kimmo Takanen’s self-help title UNLOCK YOUR LIFE TRAPS (Murra tunnelukkosi, WSOY 2017) sold to Varrak! The title is a follow-up to the hugely succesful KNOW YOUR LIFE TRAPS (Tunne lukkosi, WSOY 2011) which was published in Estonian as Tundelukud in last summer.

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Timo Parvela will be discussing on his Ella-books at the Festival Boreales in Caen tonight. There are already seven "Moi & ma super bande" books in French. This super popular series is published in French by Nathan, illustrated by Zelda Zonk and translated by Johanna Kuningas 😊🌸✨
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A magnificent review in Respekt, one of the best Czech weeklies, of Katja Kettu’s HAWK MOTH (Yöperhonen, WSOY 2015) published in Czech as MŮRA by Argo:

„Love and death are close to each other in the novels of the Finnish writer Katja Kettu, as well as wakefulness and delirium, happiness and desolation. They don’t represent two sharply divided extremes. In a gripping stream of the narrative, characterized by vulgarity, exalted sensuality, and straightforward corporality, they pervade each other naturally.

(...) This straightforward literary commentary on the current political situation is smart and decadently grotesque, and thus it evokes the work of Vladimir Sorokin. (...) A moth becomes, in this world of sacrifices and offerings to demons, a symbol of the human soul, which can free itself from the shackles of the body.

(...) The author imprinted all the energy of lust and despair into the language which unites bodily imagery and sharp details of the indifferent nature. (...) A fascinating, albeit simple image of the moth - the desire, feith, and soul fluttering on the verge of extasis and selfdestruction – is a sufficient connector of voices and events.“
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It is such a delight to read these glowing reviews of the UK edition of Jukka Laajarinne and Timo Mänttäri's "uber-cool" picture book SPY DAD (Isä vaihtaa vapaalle, WSOY 2013), published in the UK by the equally cool Pikku Publishing!

SPY DAD is also hailed "Awesome" in Instagram:
"What an awesome book! Spy Dad, in a brilliantly bold comic book style, tells the story of a little girl desperate to spend more time with her dad -- who also happens to be a secret agent! When Dad agrees to quit work and go on a spontaneous holiday with his daughter danger and intrigue are quick on their heels. Will Dad and Olivia avoid disaster? Find out in Spy Dad!"
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