Anniina Mikama’s YA novel THE SAGE nominated for Topelius award!

Anniina Mikama’s captivating YA novel THE SAGE (, WSOY 2021) is shortlisted for the Topelius award! Warmest congratulations!

The award-winning author of uses her wonderful storytelling skills in THE SAGE to turn the harsh fate of 15-year-old orphan boy Niilo into an exciting adventure in the dense forestland of 19th century Finland. Ancient pagan spirits still hold their own alongside the burgeoning power of the church.

The prize nomination statement reads:
“Set in historical Finland, this novel is both an adventure story and an ode to nature and its power. The narration in The Sage is strong and vibrant, and the story pulls the reader in right from the start. The precision and detail of the narration are particularly laudable. Fantasy exists as a natural, integral part of the novel’s world. It is so believable that once you have finished the book, you will want to linger in its landscape. Protagonist Niilo is a magnificent and memorable figure; from his perspective, the world appears enchanting and fascinating.”