Henri Hyppönen

Henri “Henkka” Hyppönen is a writer, keynote speaker, creative director, tv- and radio host and an entrepreneur. He has founded several companies: including a production company, a research company and a creative strategy agency.

He has been awarded speaker of the year (2013), the best comedy show in Finland (2014), science communication award (2015) and radio host of the year (2000). But the awards are just the end results of something more interesting to him: the continuous exploration of ideas and strategies that make business and life interesting, inspiring and successful.

The passion Henkka has for challenging conventional thinking is with him whatever he does. Whether writing a book, creating a product of service, doing a television show, a keynote speech, article or whatever; his objective is to combine story telling, scientific research, creative thinking and engaging life-case examples to inspire, influence and challenge people to think differently.

Henkka has leveraged the broad experience he has gained through his life and work; as a TV and radio host, a business coach, a keynote speaker, an entrepreneur and as a husband and a father; to gain insightful perspectives on many of the aspects that affect us daily. And give the premise to start this mind-set shift.

With his endless curiosity and intensity Henkka finds himself in demand as a keynote speaker and in helping companies challenge their thinking and change their behavior. He has become widely known for his ability to inspire, influence and challenge audiences to think differently and to acknowledge the “surprising truth”.





Why We Fear (Pelon hinta), Tammi 2014
Best Enjoyed Raw
(Nautitaan raakana), Tammi 2011