Marjatta Kurenniemi

Marjatta Kurenniemi (1918–2004) was a children’s author who wrote a large number of works during her career, including storybooks, young adult novels, poetry, and even plays. In addition to her own books, she also translated a great many children’s books into Finnish. Her works have been translated into Chinese, Estonian, Japanese and Russian.

Kurenniemi’s debut work, Pukke Punamuurahaisen seikkailut (‘The Adventures of Pukke the Red Ant’), was published in 1946. Her best-known works are the ‘Onneli and Anneli’ series. These books feature Kurenniemi’s favourite themes: children’s joy and dreams, and the importance of caring for the natural world.


Topelius Prize in 1954, 1967 and 1984
Pro Finlandia Award in 1969
Finnish State Award in Literature in 1976 and 1981
Tirlittan Award by The Union of Finnish Writers in 1999
Finnish State Award in Arts 2003