Petronella Grahn

The creator of Pomenia, Petronella Grahn (b. 1970), is an artist and a storyteller, and mother of six. The magical fairytale world of Pomenia was the magical fairytale world that came alive when she played as a child. As a new mother 25 years ago, Petronella created the first Pomenian inspired hat for her firstborn; kickstarting her successful clothing brand and breathing life into her childhood fairytale world. Pomenia’s magic world grew to include family parks, and art murals in children’s hospitals and kindergar-dens, and art exhibitions. Eventually Petronella found time to illustrate and to transcribe into books the exciting stories she’d told as bedtime sto-ries to her six children about Pomenia— the wonderful magical world, where all things are possible and adventures plentiful and great.

author portrait by Andrea Joki