Pasi Leinonen
Publication date
June 2024
Format info
170 pages, age 9+

Animagi of the Purple Mist 1: The Caracal’s Strength

Purppurausvan Animaagit. Karakalin voima

The beginning of a spellbinding and addictive new fantasy series set in the tribal lands of the Animagi, whose natural ability to shift at will between their human and animal forms adds the most exhilarating element to their adventurous saga.

On his twelveth birthday, Tommo embraces his tribe’s rite of passage by venturing into the mysterious, ever-shifting Purple Mist as a caracal, his newly revealed animal form. But adapting to his animal self is not easy and he reluctantly accepts the help of Aasa, a girl shunned by the tribe for lacking an animal form. The two join forces after they discover a threat to their tribe, putting the young animagi’s courage and strength to the test in this epic adventure series where the fierce and the fearless come of age. The perfect new realm to love for the adventure-loving readers of Woodwalkers, Spirit Animals, Simon Thorn, and Warrior Cats.


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