Maaret Kallio
Kati Vuorento
Publication date
March 2022
Format info
40 pages; ages 0+

At Times You Are My Sparrow

Välillä olet varpuseni

Gorgeously illustrated book of gentle poems that verbalise baby’s emotions in a positive way for the benefit of both the parent and the baby.

Babies communicate their needs, experiences and emotions wordlessly, but not quietly. These poems help to verbalise baby’s communication in a positive way while they also give the baby the all-important message of parental love and acceptance.

In her poems, psychotherapist & author Maaret Kallio likens the baby’s expressions to the behavior of different animals, and Kati Vuorento’s beautiful illustrations of lions, fish, sloth, skunk and other members of the animal kingdom echo the tenderness of the poems. Each poem ends with the affirmation of the parent’s love for the baby – emphasizing how the most important emotion between the baby and the parent remains constant while the moods come and go.

The bubbling joy and all the sad tears. The power of your fury.
The giggles of delight and the little birdie’s fears. The sad fish and the happy kitty.
I love the many moods you bring…
And I’ll always love you more than anything.


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0+, 40 pp


Finnish edition