Joonas Utti
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Full Stop and the Super-Sweet Love Story

Piste ja megaällo tykkäysjuttu

Shut your eyes and cover your ears; this is one sickly story!

Full Stop finds himself dealing with a super sweet love story. The kind of story that contains all sorts of twists and turns and an unbelievably happy ending. This is truly a weepy story! But Full Stop is both exasperated and upset. How can one story contain so many unfinished sentences? Where is Full Stop supposed to go? And then there’s the hero of the story, whose problem is that he’s is too shy to confess his love! He stumbles over all the important words: they get stuck in his throat, vanish from the screen and get squashed by the keyboard! How can Full Stop put an end to it?

Kaisa Happonen (b. 1982) and Joonas Utti (b. 1982) have created a compelling character who is sick and tired of being in every story, always moving from one crazy adventure to the next.


Full Stop, 2019
Full Stop and the Super-Sweet Love Story, 2020


Colour illustrated
Age: 5+