Joonas Utti
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72 pages

Full Stop


A book about a TINY full stop with a BIG responsibility.

Every story has to end with a full stop… even the one about the space dog.

Full Stop introduces us to every story’s most important character: Full Stop. But Full Stop has officially had enough. He’s fed up of having so much responsibility. And when the story of Robinson, a mischievous dog, gets too scary for him he wails: “I declare this the end of bedtime stories!”.

To help us understand his momentous decision Full Stop recounts the story and realises that it does have a happy ending after all – it’s neither the end for Robinson nor Full Stop! And thankfully Full Stop is willing to continue playing a role in new stories, as there’s a second book on the way!

Kaisa Happonen, who is best known for A Bear Called Mur, and artist and animator Joonas Utti have created a compelling character who is sick and tired of being in every story, always moving from one crazy adventure to the next. Full Stop is a delightful picture book that’s sure to entertain readers of all ages.


Book 1: Full Stop, 2019
Book 2: Full Stop and the Super-Sweet Love Story, due 2020


Colour illustrated
Age: 5-8

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English translation (set in layout)
English translation
Finnish edition


“A charming success!” – Karjalainen newspaper