Joonas Utti
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72 pages

Full Stop


A book about a TINY full stop with a BIG responsibility.

Every story has to end with a full stop… even the one about the space dog.

Full Stop introduces us to every story’s most important character: Full Stop. But Full Stop has officially had enough. He’s fed up of having so much responsibility. And when the story of Robinson, a mischievous dog, gets too scary for him he wails: “I declare this the end of bedtime stories!”.

To help us understand his momentous decision Full Stop recounts the story and realises that it does have a happy ending after all – it’s neither the end for Robinson nor Full Stop! And thankfully Full Stop is willing to continue playing a role in new stories, as there’s a second book on the way!

Kaisa Happonen (b. 1982) and Joonas Utti (b. 1982) have created a compelling character who is sick and tired of being in every story, always moving from one crazy adventure to the next..


Full Stop, 2019
Full Stop and the Super-Sweet Love Story, 2020


Colour illustrated
Age: 5-8


Finnish PDF
English translation, set in layout


“A charming success!” Karjalainen newspaper

“Full Stop is fed up of his job and of stories. It is, however, through his own rebellion that he realises that he can’t live without stories. Stories can tell you about pretty much anything, just as Kaisa Happonen and Joonas Utti’s Full Stop demonstrates; this book is actually more about a dog whose walk takes him to space, through New York, than about Full Stop. This fast-paced book is a loving tribute to the omnipotence of stories.” Suomen Kuvalehti magazine

“It’s a good thing that Kaisa Happonen and Joonas Utti decided to write this book, Full Stop. In it, the little dot at the end of the sentence finally gets its turn in the spotlight. The book takes a brilliant look at how sentences are formed and how all stories are made up of individual sentences. It’s a perfect package for kids who like to ponder the details of language.” Lapsen maailma

“With its fun and fast-paced illustrations, Full Stop is impossible to put down. (…) Joonas Utti’s fantastic comic-style imagery makes the book a truly entertaining reading experience.” Kirjava satama blog

“Full stop is a funny and visually charming book with a style reminiscent of Andy Lee’s Do Not Open This Book. The book’s narrator, the Full Stop, speaks to the reader directly and spectacularly.” – Kirjojen keskellä blog

“Friends of language and books will be delighted that the humble full stop has been given a book of its own. In Kaisa Happonen and Joonas Utti’s book Full Stop, the main character is a punctuation point that’s grown tired of stories. But the story of a space dog inspires the Full Stop to keep up its storytelling.” – The Finnish Institute for Children’s Literature