Kristiina Louhi
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Northern Lights on Snow


Sari finds inspiration in a wintry forest.

Sari is skiing in the middle of a frozen lake, as she’s been doing for years. As she skies, she thinks back to happier times when her father was alive and she used to ski in between her parents.

Being out on the lake allows Sari to have some profound thoughts and realisations about how being alone can feel great. Her mind is filled with thoughts about finding peace and creating new memories. Somehow she feels small, surrounded by all the tall trees of the forest.

Northern Lights on Snow is the third and final book in the award-winning The Girl and the Jackdaw Tree trilogy.

Riitta Jalonen (b. 1954) has written fiction for adults and young readers, as well as picture books for children. Her works have received the Finlandia Junior Prize and the Runeberg Prize. Kristiina Louhi (b. 1950) is a much-loved writer and illustrator in Finland.


The Girl and the Jackdaw Tree, 2004
Tundra Mouse Mountain: An Arctic Journey, 2005
Northern Lights on Snow, 2006


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