Antti Nikunen
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227 x 294 mm, 40 pages

Olly & Molly Explore: A Car

Urha ja Onna tutkivat: Autokirja

The number one book for future engineers!

Olly & Molly are growing fast, and so is their thirst for knowledge! Like all five-year-olds, they want to learn exactly how everything works. This Olly & Molly book focuses on the mechanics of a car, as explained by engineer Handy Andy. Enjoy learning with the colourful and fun Olly & Molly!

Antti Nikunen has a graphic design background and he is the art director of a magazine. The Olly & Molly series was born out of Antti’s desire to bring humour into books for toddlers.


Olly is a Caretaker, 2017
Molly is a Policewoman, 2017
Olly & Molly’s Sticking Plaster Book, 2018
Olly & Molly Explore: A Car, 2019
Olly & Molly Explore: A Human, due 2020


Colour illustrated
Ages: 5+

Rights sold

Chinese, simplified (United Sky)

Reading materials

Finnish edition with English text (set in layout)

Prizes and nominations

2019: Nominated for the Rudolf Koivu prize