Antti Nikunen
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227 x 294 mm, 40 pages

Olly & Molly Explore: A Car

Urho ja Onna tutkivat: Autokirja

Shortlisted for the Rudolf Koivu Prize, this is the number one book for future engineers!

Proving that a small dose of imagination can inject fun into the everyday, Antti Nikunen’s Olly & Molly Explore: A Car introduces young readers to the magical world of engineering.

Like all five-year-olds, Olly and Molly have an endless appetite for knowledge and they want to know exactly how everything works. Luckily for them, professional engineer Handy Andy is more than happy to show them how cars work and talk them through the mechanics.

Combining bright, colourful pictures with simple text and a gripping plot, Olly & Molly Explore: A Car is the perfect antidote to any 5+ child with a curious mind. It’ll teach your kids something new and allow you to have a good, old laugh as you read together.

Olly & Molly Explore: A Car was nominated for the prestigious Rudolf Koivu Prize in 2019.

Antti Nikunen (b.1982) is a Helsinki-based graphic designer and the art director of a magazine. He’s worked in the magazine industry for over a decade and his much-loved Olly & Molly series was born out of Antti’s desire to bring humour into books for toddlers. His life mantra is “you have to put something into your head in order to get something out of it.”


Olly is a Caretaker, 2017
Molly is a Policewoman, 2017
Olly & Molly’s Sticking Plaster Book, 2018
Olly & Molly Explore: A Car, 2019
Olly & Molly Explore: A Human, 2020


Colour illustrated
Ages: 5+


Finnish PDF with English text (set in layout)

Prizes and nominations

2019, nominated for the Rudolf Koivu Prize

Rights sold

Chinese, simplified (United Sky)
Polish (Media Rodzina)
Russian (A Walk Through History)


“Olly and Molly learn pretty much everything about cars and transport rules from the knowledgeable Handy Andy. Nikunen’s word is full of excitement, described in rich detail.” – Kansan Uutiset newspaper

“Nikunen’s style is fascinating to me. The stories are simple, and yet they’re still rich. Clear drawings, bright colours. They leave plenty of room for the reader’s own imagination, with everything being explained just the right amount, and not too much.” – Rita mentor blog

“The main characters in Olly and Molly Explore: A Car are Olly and Molly, but now they’ve made an adult friend: the engineer Handy Andy, who is the expert in the book (and always snacks on sandwiches). The book also includes information about small environmentally-friendly changes and pedestrians. (…) These books make for warm-hearted reading and will bring adults as much joy as they bring to children. Having read the book, it is clear that the writer has written from a child’s perspective in order to present the reader with his own, unique outlook.” – Luetaanko tämä blog

“The book’s clear illustrations will certainly appeal to the littlest ones in the family, but there’s so much information in the book that bigger kids will enjoy it, too.” – Kaksplus/Karkkipussi blog

“The simplicity of the characters is perfect for children. Nikunen’s straightforward style is also ideal for the car theme, making the subject easily accessible and child-friendly. Highly recommended!” Kirjavinkit