Pasi Pitkänen
Publication date
May 2024
Format info
c. 270 pages, age 9+

Ouroboros 1. The Rainbow Snake

Ouroboros: Sateenkaarikäärme

A new, abundant and exciting fantasy series begins! The young boy’s search for his mother turns into a mesmerizing quest for the elusive truth that lies in the depths of the earth!

Twelve-year-old Rune bravely sets off on a quest to find his mother, who vanished years ago, seemingly swallowed by the earth. Rune, accompanied by his pet snake Niji, soon finds himself at a mysterious underground station boarding a strange, serpent-like train, scribed by ancient runes. Dia, a headstrong teenager, becomes Rune’s self-appointed guide in his search of the train for his mother. The carriages that open only with the help of Niji, are filled with strange passangers ranging from escapists and visionaries to catastrophists. Rune struggles to make head or tail of all that he sees and hears. Should he even trust Dia? Is his mother even on this train? And who is driving the train, and what is its destination.

In this subterranean mystery, the central challenge is to discern truth from deception. Yet, if the truth seems too much to bear, might we be excused for believing the lie?

Like a snake, this fantastic mystery series keeps shedding its skin to reveal new layers. Rune’s odyssey serves as a poignant commentary on our times, urging young readers to ponder the nature of truth, and the necessity of hope as they navigate the complexities of our rapidly changing world.


Finnish edition
English sample 50 pages tk