Publication date
April 2019
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200 pages

The Big O Workbook

Iso O - Harjoituskirja

Following the success of The Big O and feedback from her thousands of readers and followers, Marja Kihlström is back with a companion workbook to The Big O. Guiding readers to embark with a positive self-image and self-respect, Kihlström then offers guided written, mental, and practical exercises, with room for the reader’s own notes.

The Big O Workbook is an indispensible toolkit for all women, those who identify as women, and their partners. The book can also be read as a stand-alone title.

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Finnish edition
English outline


“I wish I’d got hold of this book a long time ago… This book is a chance to get to know your own body and desires from the get go and an opportunity to learn how to achieve an orgasm either alone or with a partner. I recommend this book to every woman who has thought about this issues and doensn’t have a big sister or a best friend they can turn to for advice.” –