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April 2018
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246 pages

The Big O

Iso O

A modern, clarion call for more and better orgasms for women, by Scandinavia’s answer to Esther Perel

“Everyone knows how the typical Hollywood movie sex scene goes. A man and a woman melt into each other, losing themselves in a frenzied passion. Bypassing all foreplay, the man thrusts himself into the impassioned woman and, after a couple of minutes they come together with a big moan.”

Throughout history women’s sexuality has been supressed, denied, and treated as some kind of a disease. Many adult women do not consider their own orgasms as important as their partners do theirs ‐ women in heterosexual relationships in particular. But the female orgasm is an issue of equality, which is something that needs to be talked about. The female orgasm is a wonderful thing. Disregarding movie scenes, the reality is that a woman’s orgasm is rarely achieved with such little effort. At some stage in their lives, many women will suffer from difficulty in climaxing; it might elude them or not even come close. There’s no one way to get to the top but, fortunately, it is achievable.

The Nordic countries are renowned for their strong women and their relationships to their physical bodies. In this approachable yet professional, fresh yet serious, and tender yet confident book, renowned Finnish sex therapist Marja Kihlström offers up modern psychological and practical advice and guidance for women to tackle the obstacles standing in their way to their pleasure. In addition to the author’s words and knowledge, readers gain insights into others’ experiences of common problems, how other women themselves perceive their own orgasms, and how your partner can help you to reach more and better orgasms.


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