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September 2022
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416 pages

The Fallen


When Finlandia prize winning Rasi‐Koskinen leads us down what seems like an ordinary street, it only takes a moment for us to find ourselves in a maze of mystery instead. The author gradually reveals the exit signs but not before we question our perception of reality.

Three young people are seeking to fulfil their dreams in this gripping novel where reality quickly becomes an enigma; an intelligent puzzle with an astonishing solution. The name of the street is Turnaround and it looks like any other small English street. However, an accident in the last house has set something in motion that cannot be stopped. Teenager Ian lives on his own and passionately composes electronic music. Elias has recently inherited his biological father’s house on the street and has a dream of developing the perfect role‐playing game. When the mysterious K turns up at Turnaround, the fates of the three young people begin to intertwine in an astonishing way.

With her previous YA novel, The Dark Side of the Sun (WSOY 2019), Marisha Rasi‐Koskinen won three literary prizes in Finland, including the prestigious Finlandia C&YA Prize. The work dazzled its readers with her ability to alter our perception of time. In The Fallen she dazzles again and asks how we perceive reality.

Rasi‐Koskinen has been described as a literary genius due to her magical ability to obscure reality in a way that allows her works to contain an entirely different story on the second reading. The Fallen is Marisha Rasi‐Koskinen’s seventh work of fiction. Rasi‐Koskinen’s work has been sold to six territories: Danish, Spanish and Galician translations have already appeared and they are followed by French, Hungarian and Latvian translations in 2022‐2023.


Prizes, nominations

2022, nominated for the Finlandia C&YA Prize


Finnish Edition
English sample available soon

“The novel is captivating in its depiction of the randomness of reality, and how inexorably the lives of the individual young people intertwine and influence each other. The Fallen challenges the reader to participate in a merciless game, where the impact of things must be figured out one by one and by combining different perspectives, observations and possibilities. The Fallen is masterfully constructed, and its controlled narration is dazzling.” – Statement of the Finlandia C&YA Prize Jury