Satu Kontinen
Publication date
May 2024
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184 pages, age 7+

The Island Adventures: The Secret of the Grove

Satujen saaret 1: Lottalehto

A new series set in Finland and Iceland begins! The series gives a modern twist to the timeless and irresistible lure of thrilling mysteries that lead two girls into exciting holiday adventures.

The 10‐year‐old cousins and best friends Satu and Saga both live on an island—just not the same one: Satu lives in Lauttasaari, the urban island district of Helsinki in Finland, and Saga in the mystical landscapes of Iceland. On holidays they alternate visiting each other and their distinctive home islands offer atmospheric settings for their enticing holiday adventures.

When the summer holidays roll around, Saga flies from Iceland to visit Satu in Finland. There is some secrecy surrounding the girls’ grandfather’s little cabin at a nearby grove that seems curious. Furthermore, when the girls visit their grandfather at his cabin, he seems oddly distant, as if troubled by something. Adding to the mystery, the cabin becomes a target of vandalism, and a shadowy figure prowls in the woods. Driven by a mix of concern and an unquenchable curiosity, the girls vow to find out what troubles their grandfather, and who is behind the disturbances at the cabin.

The girls, as well as their grandfather, shall find the secret of the grove to be more exciting than they could’ve ever imagined! Join the girls on their first island adventure!

The second book in the series shall be published in January 2025, and the third in Autumn 2025.


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‘The concept of the THE ISLAND ADVENTURES series is in many ways ingenious. […] It could have easily been just a ‘cute’ fairy-tale, but fortunately the story also includes mystical elements of a detective adventure. Kontinen’s illustrations are a bold departure from traditional children’s book illustrations. […]’ — Päivi Heikkilä-Halttunen, Lastenkirjahylly blog