Futuropolis acquired graphic novel rights to Arto Paasilinna’s THE HOWLING MILLER

Futuropolis, one of the most important French publishers of comics and graphic novels, has just acquired the exclusive right to adapt Arto Paasilinna’s THE HOWLING MILLER (Ulvova mylläri, WSOY 1981) into a graphic novel.

The artist in charge of putting this beguiling story into pictures will be Nicolas Dumontheuil. He is the man behind the graphic novel version of Paasilinna’s The Forest of Hanged Foxes as well (Futuropolis 2016).

Huttunen is a troubled man. He fought against the Russians and watched his wife burn to death. Now he’s determined to start a new life in Lapland. There’s just one problem: Huttunen howls at night and there’s nothing he can do about it. A fable of freedom in the Finnish backwoods, featuring an eccentric outsider swimming against society’s current.

Author portrait by Veikko Somerpuro.