Meri Valkama’s YOURS, MARGOT optioned for tv miniseries

TV series rights to Meri Valkama’s acclaimed debut novel, YOURS, MARGOT have been optioned to Aamu Film Company following a spirited four-way bidding for the rights. Juho Kuosmanen is attached to direct with Andris Feldmanis ja Livia Ulman as writers.

Kirjailija Meri Valkama Kuvaaja: Otto Virtanen

“On reading YOURS, MARGOT I immediately realised that this would make an excellent tv miniseries. There is a mystery in the book, the unraveling of which takes the reader – or in the case of the series, the viewer – on a journey that goes deeper into dealing with identity, memory and family ties in a geopolitically conflicted situation. The book has, deservedly, received a glowing reception. We are approaching this project with great honour but in the understanding that an adaptation is always a new iteration, not the repetition of an old one,” says Kuosmanen.

Author Meri Valkama herself is delighted with the strong interest in adapting YOURS, MARGOT. “What especially delighted me was that Juho Kuosmanen ja Aamu Film were interested in the story.  Juho is an experienced and opinionated professional with a humane view of the world. Aaamu Film in turn specialise in producing powerful narratives and whose talent and professionalism is easy to trust. I believe that, in Juho’s and Aaamu’s hands YOURS, MARGOT’s story will be rendered into a meaningful and eloquent interpretation for the small screen.”

The series’ Executive Producer is Aamu Film Company’s Jussi Rantamäki. Founded in 2001, Aamu Film Company is a Helsinki-based production company whose slate includes the feature film adaptation of Rosa Liksom’s titular novel, Compartment No. 6 (dir. Juho Kuosmanen), which was awarded the Cannes Grand Prix Prize in 2021 and received eight ‘Jussi’ Awards in Finland. Domestic box office sales reported over 150,000 viewers.

YOURS, MARGOT (Sinun, Margot, WSOY 2021) won the Helsingin Sanomat Debut Fiction Prize in autumn 2021 and has sold 60,000 copies in Finland alone. Translation rights to the novel have sold to Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania, and Germany to date. Bonnier Rights Finland represents Meri Valkama’s translation and film & tv rights.