Rights to Miki Liukkonen’s magnum opus ‘O’ sold to Hieronymus in Lithuania!

Lithuanian rights to Miki Liukkonen’s magnum opus O (O, WSOY 2017) were recently acquired by publisher Hieronymus. Rights have previously been sold to Le Castor Astral Éditeur in France and Insignis in Poland.

Miki Liukkonen’s second novel is painted across an outrageously large canvas. It’s a megalomaniacal and encyclopaedic narrative of ordinary people and extraordinary events, neuroses, fixed ideas, and the irrational things that make us shudder. It is about things you have already known have felt, but which you are unlikely to have ever read about in a book.

“Almost 1,000 pages, 100 characters, 7 days: this novel by a young Finnish author is an erudite labyrinth, an immensely charismatic beast of a book… The ambition of the project, its scale and its radicalism are as seductive as they are baffling… This book is an epic.”– Le Monde newspaper, France